Marco da Silva FerreiraHu(r)mano

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Using urban dance as its main movement style, Hu(r)mano creates a world of ever-shifting relationships between its four dancers. There is a tension between the 'human me' and 'urban we': an echo of urban reality brought to life in the performance.

The dancers' fluent popping exposes beauty, awkwardness, connection and alienation. Expressive depths are opened up in an otherwise abstract and bare world and we connect with the individual characters and moods of the dancers.

Artistic direction and choreography: Marco da Silva Ferreira
Assistant Director: Mara Andrade
Performers: Anaísa Lopes, André Cabral, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Vítor Fontes
Technical director and lighting designer: Wilma Moutinho
Musicians: Rui Lima e Sérgio Martins

Executive production: Marco da Silva Ferreira and Joana Ferreira
Production: Pensamento avulso, associação de artes performativas

Partners: Jazzy Dance Studio; Feira Viva; o espaço do tempo e Teatro Virgínia

Supported by: Governo de Portugal; Secretário de Estado da Cultura; DGArtesDireção Geral, Materiais Diversos and Teatro Municipal Rivoli - Campo Alegre.

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Born in Santa Maria da Feira, Marco began his dance career in 2004. Since then he has worked with: Companhia de Dança do Norte; with Companhia Tok'art in Made in time in 2011 and You never know how things are going to come together in 2012; and with Companhia Instável in Fuga sem fim in 2011.

In 2012, Marco performed in Hofesh Shechter's project Shelters; Elisabeth Lambeck's EXIT 211-A; Sylvia Rijmer's Anatomization at CCB boxnova, and Victor Hugo Pontes' projects Rendez-vous and A strange land. He won Eurobattle 2009 in the "New Style" category and also won the TV show So you think you can dance - Portugal.

As a choreographer, he premiered his first solo Nevoeiro 21 in Palcos Instáveis at Campo Alegre theatre in 2012. It has also been presented in the Solos Festival (Lisboa, Évora and Torres Vedras), as well as in maisImaginarius 2012.

In May 2013 Marco premiered the award winning piece of maisImaginarius 2013 Réplica...éplica...éplica, a site-specific solo dance work. In June, Marco created Ailha with Victor Hugo Pontes, during a dance residency provided by 37.25-Núcleo de artes performativas and Walk&talk Azores festival. Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault, a co-creation with Mara Andrade, was presented in Palcos Instáveis in October 2013 and in GUIdance 2014.

In 2014, Land(e)scape, a multi-disciplinary collaboration with a visual artist and sound installation was presented in Imaginarius and he premiered Hu(r)mano, which has been selected to represent Portuguese Young artists 2015 and selected as an Aerowaves Twenty15 performance.

He was the choreographic assistant for the play Hamlet (2014) by Mala Voadora and in Veraneantes (2017) by Nuno Cardoso; was also artistic assistant of Victor Hugo Bridges in the creations Se alguma vez precisares da minha vida, vem e toma-a and Carnaval (both in 2016).

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