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How to become ‘home’? The idea can be paradoxical - home is solid in our memories, but its colours fade and we forget details over time. Our bodies adapt to new places, new rules - we thrive on curiosity. HOME takes all these ideas and draws on the deep-rooted experiences of five dancers, creating a detailed, agile and rhythmic dance vocabulary driven by a pulsating, urgent soundscape composed by the choreographer.

Direction and choreography: Luis Marrafa
Creation and performance: Luis  Marrafa, Petra  Van  Gompel, Marcia  Liu, António Cabrita,
São Castro Original Music: Luis Marrafa
Additional Music: Zack Hemsey, Hauschka, Pearson.
Lighting design: Horácio Fernandes, Luis Marrafa
Production: MARRAFA vzw
Co-Production: Culturgest, O Espaço Do Tempo
Support: Wolubilis, TAKT’Dommelhof, StairCase.studio BXL

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Marrafa vzw is a Brussels-based dance company founded in 2012 by Portuguese choreographer/dancer Luis Marrafa and Belgian dancer Petra van Gompel; both performing artists with an individual artistic path. This international collaboration focuses on research in dance and on cultural exchanges, inviting dance audiences to engage with them through an open working process in which artistic visions are exchanged. The collective works with artists and networks from different disciplines and creates a structure to produce projects and share knowledge and ideas.

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