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Heretics invites us into a modern ritual for two dancers, with live piano as a third partner. Everything about the piece is based on triangles. From a simple beginning, the mechanical, geometric gestures become enthralling to watch. The rhythm drives the dancers on as they push the limits of their memories and physical endurance. Heretics sparks thoughts about our relentless pursuit of efficiency and profitability in this obsessive, but also meditative trio.

  • Concept & choreography: Ayelen Parolin 
  • Performers: Marc Iglesias & Gilles Fumba 
  • Musical Composition: Lea 
  • Dramaturgy: Olivier Hespel
  • Lighting Design: Colin Legras 
  • Production: RUDA asbl 

Coproduction: Charleroi Danses, Les Brigittines, Théâtre Marni.

With the support of the Ministère de la Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la Danse, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, La Briqueterie, WBT/D, SACD, WBI.

Ayelen Parolin is accompanied by Grand Studio.

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Ayelen Parolin (1976) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She studied at the National School of Dance and the San Martin Theatre in Buenos Aires. In Europe she trained as part of the e.x.e.r.c.e programme in Montpellier. As a performer she has worked for Mathilde Monnier, Mossoux-Bonte, François Peyret, Mauro Paccagnella, Louise Vanneste, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Anne Lopez, and Riina Saastamoinen.

She has created and shown her work in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Estonia, and Argentina. She was a laureate of Pépinières Européennes for Young Artists Programme XXL.

She created a solo called 25.06.76, in which she explores her autobiography. With Troupeau/Rebaño she confronts the animal that lies dormant in each of us, and with the piece SMS and Love she questions femininity and its group dynamics. In her work DAVID she contemplates the male figure. This piece is also an exploration of senses and a deconstruction of clichés from a canonical model, a motif as well, and the symbol of manhood: the David of Michelangelo. For her latest work, Heretics, Ayelen Parolin collaborated with composer Lea for the first time. Lea performs a piano piece live during the performance.

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