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Conceived as a distorted mirror of two journeys, Golem is a staged dialogue between artists from different disciplines and generations. 

Mike Sprogis is a 70-years-old sculptor. Julien Carlier is a contemporary dancer, who started out as a breakdancer, and whose choreographic language is infused with inventive, slow and gliding movements. One sees dance as an ephemeral moving sculpture; the other sees the sculptor’s movements and his material as an inspiration for dance. In this crossroad physical commitment is required.

When shaped on stage, the clay creates a confusion between the inert and the living; the mud becomes a man and the man, at times, appears like a lifeless matter.

Golem is an organic, sensitive and beautiful blend of two gestures which speak about the passing of time and its imprint on the body and the spirit.

Choreography: Julien Carlier 
Performance: Julien Carlier, Mike Sprogis 
Dramaturgy: Fanny Brouyaux and Simon Carlier 
Music Design: Simon Carlier 
Drums: Tom Malmendier 
Light Design: Frédéric Vannes 
Set Design: Justine Bougerol 
Costumes: Marine Stevens 

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Founder, choreographer and also a dancer at Compagnie ABIS, Julien Carlier approaches the world of contemporary creation through Hip-Hop dance, and in particular with Breakdance. In the context of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Julien combines the virtuosity of Hip-Hop dance with a desire to listen to others with sensitivity. 

Julien presented his first piece, Insane Solidarity, in 2012 in collaboration with dancer Yassin Mrabtifi. Afterwards, he created two autonomous projects: MON/DE (2015) and Déjà-vu (2016) – the last one was re-created in 2019. In 2018, he presented a work in progress of Dress Code, as part of the XS Festival at the Théâtre National in Brussels, a work that will be presented in a longer complete version in autumn 2020. In addition to creating pieces, Julien organises research labs to bring together artists from different disciplines.

Golem is his latest creation, presented in march 2019 at Le Jacques Franck in Brussels.

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