Gentle Unicorn

Chiara Bersani - Associazione Culturale CorpocelesteGentle Unicorn

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‘You aren’t the one interpreting me, I’ll show you the way to understand me. I take the responsibility to draw the image that the world will have of myself.’

Gentle Unicorn is a solo of subtle beauty and intelligence. In it Bersani approaches the figure and imagery of the unicorn from her own physicality. The artist presents a score of simple movement; the unicorn moves through the space while unfolding small gestures that are amplified thanks to its interpretative quality. The creator embodies that fantastic creature that reveals itself to us as terribly human.

Creation and Performance: Chiara Bersani
Sound Design: F. De Isabella
Lighting Design: Valeria Foti
Stage Manager: Paolo Tizianel
Dramaturgical Advice: Luca Poncetta, Gaia Clotilde Chernetih
Moving Coach: Marta Ciappina
Artistic Advisor: Marco D’Agostin,
Styling: Elisa Orlandini
Producer: Eleonora Cavallo
Administrative Advisor: Chiara Fava
Touring and Communication: Giulia Traversi
Ph. Roberta Segata
Production: Associazione Culturale Corpoceleste_C.C.00#
Co-production: Santarcangelo Festival, CSC – Centro per la Scena Contemporanea (Bassano del Grappa)
With the support of Centrale FIES (Dro), Graner (Barcelona), Carrozzerie | N.o.T. (Roma), CapoTrave/Kilowatt (Sansepolcro)
ResiDance XL - luoghi e progetti di residenza per creazioni coreografiche azione della Rete Anticorpi XL - Network Giovane Danza D'autore coordinata da L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino
Text by Gaston Core (Sala Hiroshima)

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Chiara Bersani is an Italian artist working in the field of performing arts. She trained in the field of theatrical research with influences from contemporary dance and performance. Her first choreographic work, Family Tree, received several national awards including the Perspective Dance Award 2011 and was part of the NID Platform 2014. Suffering from a moderate form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, she is interested in the political meaning of a body interacting with society. The Political bodies series started in 2013 as a research project and was divided into three performance experiments presented to the public between August 2015 and September 2016: Tell Me More (a performance with a chorus of 8 male voices), Miracle Blade (a movie with a dysfunctional family) and Goodnight Peeping Tom (a performance with four performers). Gentle Unicorn is the continuation of this series. In 2016 she started a collaboration with the choreographer Marco D'Agostin with whom she created The Olympic Games in 2017, co-produced by K3 | Kampnagel (Hamburg) and the European project BeSpectACTive!

Among her long term and regular collaborators are Marco D’Agostin, Matteo Ramponi, Babilonia Teatri, Alessandro Sciarroni and the cultural association Corpoceleste_C.C.00#. Other major collaborators include the Madrid based company La Tristura, the French choreographer Jérôme Bel and the Argentinian director and playwright Rodrigo Garcia.

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