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Dance meets sculpture meets garden shed. Douglas shares the the spotlight with simple objects in a choreography of cause and effect. Douglas arranges objects - usually carefully. Objects arrange Douglas - sometimes spectacularly. In this surprising, vulnerable and humorous solo, the audience has the privilege to enter the world of a solitary character. He makes connections the best way he knows how - through trial, error and boundless curiosity.

Direction/Choreography/Performer: Robbie Synge
Composer/Performer: David Maxwell
Lighting design: Brian Gorman
Dramaturgical assistance: Peggy Olislaegers

With thanks to Bodysurf Scotland and plan B Dance Company.
Commissioned by Yorkshire Dance for the respond_ project.

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Robbie Synge is a choreographer, performer and works regularly in education with young people and adults. Robbie originally studied BSc (Hons) Physiology at Edinburgh University before working in the science, health and education sectors in the UK and abroad. Robbie practiced martial arts for many years before performing with various companies and independent choreographers in the UK.

Robbie was a semi-finalist in The Place Prize for Contemporary Dance 2012 sponsored by Bloomberg with Settlement, his first work for the theatre stage. Robbie’s core interests lie in testing the potentials of a choreographic practice in research and outcomes. His work often investigates bodies or materials in relation to architectural or natural environments, and the relevance of specific sites of development.

Current projects involve collaborations with craft and visual artists and experiments with writing and illustration in attempts to find new ways of encountering or participating in choreographic activity. Robbie is an associate artist with Tramway, Glasgow in 2016-17.

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