Des gestes blancs

Sylvain Bouillet and Lucien Reynes - NAÏF ProductionDes gestes blancs

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Des gestes blancs (white gestures) is a duo for a man and a child.

Playing with the imbalance of their bodies and weights, a father and a son try to find precision and take a chance on tenderness. Based on improvisation and play, this duo intended for family audiences subtly questions how affiliation and fatherhood can be represented on stage. Cheerful and touching, these white gestures will connect you with your inner child.

Idea and concept: Sylvain Bouillet
Dramaturgy: Lucien Reynès
Artistic advice: Sara Vanderieck
Performance: Charlie Bouilletand Sylvain Bouillet
Light design: Pauline Guyonnet
Sound design: Christophe Ruetsch
Co-productions: Les Hivernales–CDCN (Avignon), Le Cratère(Alès), the CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz, Le Pacifique–CDCN (Grenoble).
Supported by:  KLAP -Maison pour la danse(Marseille), Agora –Cité internationale de la danse(Montpellier). DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) region, city of Avignon.

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Naïf production are creators of live performances and collective adventures. The company was founded by Sylvain, Mathieu and Lucien, three acrobats exploring through dance the singular relations between their bodies, minds and gravity.

Creating scenarios of images and gestures revolving around the themes of unbalance, resistance and effort, they focus on physical engagement on and beyond the stage.

Undertaking individual and collective initiatives, they operate as a cooperative. Each of their projects is an opportunity to reinvent new structures of collaboration.

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