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Using the language of Krump, Nach, the avatar of dancer and choreographer Anne-Marie Van gives birth to the multiple characters bubbling under her skin. In a solo of rare intensity, Nach invites you to enter her cell and to witness the kaleidoscopic metamorphosis of her androgynous body.

Cellule offers a personal and liberated vision of Krump, a dance style born in the early 2000s after the race riots in Los Angeles.

Choreography, performance, text & images /  Nach
Set Design, Light & video /  Emmanuel Tussore
Technical manager, Sound designer /  Vincent Hoppe
Set construction /  Boris Munger et Jean-Alain Van
Production / Nach Van van Dance Company

Administration - production - distribution / Manakin Lauren Boyer & Leslie Perrin

Coproducers /  Espace 1789, Scène conventionnée danse - Saint-Ouen; Maison Daniel Féry - Nanterre; CDCN Atelier de Paris / Carolyn Carlson - Vincennes; Théâtre de Fresnes
With the support of /  La Maison des Métallos - Paris; La Scène nationale de Saint-Nazaire; le CN D - Pantin; Le CCN de Roubaix, le CCN de La Rochelle.
Thanks to / Heddy Maalem et Marcel Bozonnet

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Anne-Marie Van is Nach, a dancer and choreographer who developed a strong interest in the krump dance style after watching David LaChapelle’s movie « Rize » and watching dance performances in front of the Opera of Lyon in 2005. From urban rituals on the roofs of the Porte de Montreuil to « Éloge du puissant Royaume » by the contemporary choreographer Heddy Maalem, Nach explores the territory of her inner lights and shades and plays with the ambiguity of her androgynous body, with two beings conversing within a same body. Like all krump dancers, Nach is herself and her avatar. Nach is presenting a personal version of Krump, liberated from the past but loyal to the movement and its creators. Cellule is her first solo.

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