“bir şey”

Ekin Tunçeli“bir şey”

In "bir şey" –which means “thing” in Turkish–, Ekin Tunçeli embraces an unknown situation with intuition at hand. The solo dives into the intricate relationship between mind and body, strained by the conflict between analytical mind –the one that dictates and interrogates– and the intuitive one –in contact with the senses and with time and space. Using this tension, Ekin unveils her body and voice’s inner journey. 

Choreography and performance: Ekin Tunçeli
Sound Design: Ekin Tunçeli
Lighting Design: Utku Kara

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Ekin Tunçeli is a dancer and choreographer, and also a singer and actor. She graduated in Medicine (2013), and also holds a BA in Contemporary dance from MSGSÜ State Conservatory of Contemporary Dance (2018). After graduating in dance, she started making work whilst performing in different projects in Istanbul (TalDans- DokuMan, Clement Layes-Study For Eternal Return). At Impulstanz 2019, she took part in the ATLAS programme, where she was coached by the dramaturg Guy Cools. 

She explores choreographic elements through an interdisciplinary perspective of art. In her work she blends the familiar with the unknown, by using individual subjects, objects and popular images. As a choreographer she takes improvisation as a research method and she organises the klank.ist project, an initiative open to artists of all disciplines.

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