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Three dancers teeter on the edge. They are close to each other, sometimes touching - but you can feel their loneliness. They try to communicate but don't connect. You might laugh at how absurd their attempts are. Music by Bach and The Knife drives their disjointed and pulsating movements to greater intensity. Sweat drips, their human instinct to reach out becomes more urgent. BAKKHEIA makes space for us to think about how connected to each other we actually are.

How do we communicate nowadays? Do we really talk about the same things? Do we listen to understand or just to reply? We constantly repeat our own statements, each on our own, each with own “smart technology”, close to each other and yet so lonely… Is this an absolute solitude, or does the human animal push through even the thickest shield of social norms?

  • Created by: Peter Šavel
  • Created with & Performed by: Gyula Cserepes, Soňa Ferienčíková, Tereza Ondrová
  • Lighting Design: Ints Plavnieks
  • Music: J.S.Bach & The Knife & Henry Purcell
  • Video: Richard Chomo & Peter Kotrha & Algis Kaveckis

Production: BOD.Y & SKOK!
Financial Support: Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic
Residency Support: DK Lúky & Stanica Žilina - Záriečie
Premiere: KIOSK festival, 24th July 2014 /Žilina/

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Peter Šavel has a BA in Dance Pedagogy from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava. He studied at P.A.R.T.S., Belgium and graduated with the piece I have to get ready to get ready, which toured throughout Europe.

The duet One for you, two for me, created with Stanislav Dobák, was chosen by Aerowaves in 2010. Their last work Much more than nothing, created with the Czech group Me-Sa, was selected by Aerowaves in 2013 and presented at the Spring Forward in Zurich. 

Together with German director Julianne von Crailsheim he created the solo Could we f lie together, receiving a prize for stage and lighting design at the KIOSK festival 2012. His piece Shifts, a solo performed to J.S.Bach's Goldberg variations, premiered in March 2013. Boys who like to play with dolls, a duet created with Tereza Ondrova was selected by Aerowaves in 2014 and presented at Spring Forward in Umea. 

Peter is currently based in Brussels and has collaborated closely with Belgian choreographer Pierre Droulers since 2011 and with Salva Sanchis since 2013. Peter became an artist in residence at Charleroi Danses in 2014. He teaches regularly at the LAB1 summer school in Slovakia and in La Raffinerie in Brussels.


is a non-profit organisation focused on the creation and production of new dance works from young Slovak artists working at home and abroad. Their interest is in contemporary dance that fuses performative disciplines, as well as dance films, video art, and site specific performance. BOD.Y also initiates the creation of new works and are open to proposals from artists from all fields. BOD.Y, the brain child of dance artist Soňa Ferienčíková, takes under its wing two existing works, formerly managed by the non-profit organisation bees-R /DEBODY and IMAGO/.

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