10 Miniballetti

ColletivO CineticO10 Miniballetti

10 Miniballetti draws on choreographer Francesca Pennini’s childhood notebook of dances -  imagined, but never staged. A fan, a pile of feathers, a drone and lashings of black body paint assist in creating striking, beautiful, outlandish images. Pennini bounces between finely executed gymnastics and virtuosic improvisations, creating a world that floats between past and present - and between writing and interpretation.

Concept, choreography, dance: Francesca Pennini
Dramaturgy and lighting design: Angelo Pedroni with Francesca Pennini
Management and assistance: Carmine Parise
Coproduction: CollettivO CineticO
Le Vie dei Festival

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CollettivO CineticO is an experimental performing arts group based in Ferrara, Italy, founded in 2007 by choreographer Francesca Pennini. Francesca studied at Balletto di Toscana, Laban Centre London and was a dancer for Sasha Waltz & Guests. With CollettivO CineticO, she collaborates with more than 50 artists from different disciplines. The work of the company focuses on the nature of the performative event at the intersection between dance, theatre and visual arts. CollettivO CineticO is the resident company at the Teatro Comunale of Ferrara. Francesca has created 29 work for the company in collaboration with the dramaturge Angelo Pedroni and has received many awards including: Giovani Danz’Autori Award; Award for Best Young Theatre Director at MESS Festival Sarajevo, and the Rete Critica Award for Best Italian Artist 2014.

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