Žigan Krajnčan

Žigan Krajnčan was born in 1995 in Slovenia. Trained as a musician and a singer, he performed in musicals and movies as a child, collaborating with Slovenian directors and actors Jurij Zrnec, Miha Hočevar, Uroš Smolej, Matjaž Pograjc. After his primary school education he enrolled in a school of contemporary dance. He has since received several awards as a dancer and worked with Matija Ferlin, Kaja Lorenci, Gregor Luštek and other renowned choreographers.

Gašper Kunšek

Gašper Kunšek was born in 1997 in Slovenia. At the age of 4 he began with soccer and dance lessons. Although his football career looked promising, he chose to focus on dance. He has ow been dancing for 14 years, receiving several awards and collaborating with Director Ivana Djilas on her play Pozabaaa. He is a member of Abismo crew, Urban roof team, Hidden Slavic Dna and Body preachers.