Yotam Peled & the Free Radicals acts as a project-based company engaging different freelancers. Focusing on contemporary interdisciplinary creation, it addresses topics of gender, power structures and community rituals. The ensemble was established in September 2018, following the creation of Entropia, as part of the ‘THINK BIG’ project at the State Opera of Hannover. Their creative process and output are centred around the body and the potential of movement to transform social codes. They tackle darker, inappropriate, or wild aspects of our existence creating both a space for healing and critical reflection.

Each project is a creation of a mini-universe, an attempt to deconstruct human mythology, and as such they often work with utopian and dystopian settings. The movement research and language of the ensemble is inspired by Yotam’s background. He trained in circus and martial arts, thus working with the extremities of the body and the impossible. He has also been involved in rave culture, thus the use of repetition and emotional intensity.
The company’s independent creations include: ALPHA (2019), migrena2x2 (2021), fauna futura (2021), HEIMAT (2021), GET A GRIP (2021), Where the Boys Are (2023), FISTS TO FLOWERS (2023)