Vittorio Pagani (2000) is a Dancer and Choreographer from Milan, Italy. In 2018 he joined Ballet Junior de Genève, where he danced works by internationally acclaimed choreographers including Hofesh Shechter, Roy Assaf, Marcos Morau and Jan Martens.
In 2021 he created Around 5:65 that was later selected for RIDCC2022.
In 2022 he graduated with a Masters in Expanded Dance Practice (LCDS – University of the Arts London). From 2023 he’s been part of the LARVÆ Collective, a multidisciplinary project that focuses on performance and education supported by Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company. A freelance dancer and creator, his choreographic works focus on themes of performativity and subversion, developing a movement research where precision and physicality build a dance articulated in metaphors and symbols.