Trevoga is an emerging Amsterdam-based dance collective, currently formed by Amsterdam University of Arts alumni Neda Ruzheva (BG, 1999), Antonina Pushkareva (RU, 2000), and Erikas Žilaitis (LT, 1999 ).

Unified by their experiences of growing up in the nebulous socio-political context of post-Soviet “re-construction” – between the violently enforced moral imperatives of a ghostly dictatorship and the stupefying hedonism of a newborn consumerist dream – they grew up quite fond of overlaps between repression and seduction. This ambivalence is the base of Trevoga’s works, where flashy tropes from popular media and high culture go hand-in-hand with a mundane sense of distress. By toying with genres, registers, and symbols with unapologetic incoherency, the trio gnaws at the mental onslaught of the fast-paced city they inhabit, viewing their bodies as symptoms of its numerous addictions and the stage as a means to disentangle its many dissonant processes and conflicting forces.