Simona Deaconescu studied Choreography at The National University of Theatre and Film and Film Directing at Media University, both in Bucharest. She continued her studies in Europe. In 2014 she was granted the danceWEB scholarship by the Life Long Burning Network. Simona continued her artistic research through residencies offered by Gabriela Tudor Foundation, 4Culture and Battery Dance New York. In 2016 she received The National Center of Dance Bucharest Award for her contribution to the growth of Romanian contemporary dance, by setting a new trend in which dance, film and technology interlink.

In 2013 she founded Tangaj Dance, an independent dance company that produces projects at the intersection of art and science. Alongside an interdisciplinary collective, Simona created  Counterbody (2017), Aftertaste (2015), Birdville (2014) and The Dream Factory (2013), a series of dance performances, based on distorted perspectives of the future of the body. Her performances and workshops have been presented in Romania, Austria, USA, Hungary, Turkey and Chile. She is interested in developing work in the frame of the dance film genre and since 2013 she has directed and choreographed 2 dance films: Sonder (2016) and Silent Places (2013), that have been selected in more than 30 film festivals around the world. Following her instinct to develop a dance film industry in her own country, alongside film producer Anamaria Antoci, she founded Bucharest International Dance Film Festival in 2015, a festival that has soon become very popular in Bucharest and abroad.