Roza Moshtaghi (IR/NO) is a choreographer and performer based in Oslo. Crucial to her work are questions of how she reacts and adapts to structures, as well as dealing with unexplained narratives of desire generated through the process of altering or answering systems and structures. Roza holds an MA in choreography from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She presents her work internationally and continues to develop projects with other artists, both as a collaborator and as a performer. Her most recent projects are LIMBO(2020), BOUNCING NARRATIVES (2019), ONLY FOREVER (2018), FLINCH (2017), THE SMELL OF ITS SHIRT (2016), WATER GRAFFITI (2016).

Shahrzad Malekian (b.1983, Iran) is an interdisciplinary artist working with video, performance and sculpture. Malekian’s works often address the human conditions she experiences around her. Her interests range from power structures, presentations of gender, the complexity of interpersonal relationships, to the shifts that occur in the transition between the private and public domains. Her works have been shown internationally in group exhibitions and in Brazil, USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and London. Malekian holds a BFA in Sculpture from the Art University of Tehran and is a current Master in Fine Art and Public Space candidate at Kunsthøgskolen I Oslo. She lives and works in Oslo and Tehran.

Lykourgos Porfyrisn is an artist from Athens based in Oslo. He is the founder of AntiPlay Boy the Label, an independent sound/publication company, active between Oslo and Athens since 2016. The Label’s purpose is to rid the alternative music scene from masculine and ableist attitudes. The Label organises events and publishes music with the main focus on queer, feminist and disabled artists and activists. Last but not least, Porfyris is behind the queer Pop star/sound art project POP Tektonisme, a pop star persona. Lykourgos’ works have been shown in various shows across Europe. His recent research is focusing on the activities of the albino monks during the middle ages up until the 19th century. His findings have been shown at the 6th Athens Biennale “ANTI-“.

Trine Lise Moe (Lorenskog/Norway) is an Oslo-based freelance dancer and performer. She graduated from KHiO (Oslo National Academy of the Arts) in June 2016, and she has worked on several projects in Oslo. As a dancer, Trine has participated in choreographies by Ole Martin Meland, Subjazz (Karl Erik Nedregaard and Knut Arild Flatner), Fredrik Petrov, Inès Belli, Hallgrim Hansegård, Roza Moshtaghi, Shi Pratt, Lise Nordal and Ingri Fiksdal. She has also created her own work; QUADRAT (2016) and jeg.meg.her (2018)

Gerd Kaisa Vorren (Tromsø, Norway) is a dance artist based at Nesodden. She holds an MA in Dance Performance from Laban Centre (London) and a PPU from KHiO. In addition to dancing, she works with parkour as part of the Oslo Parkour – Street Movement Family. As a freelancer she has worked with a.o. Kari Hoaas Productions, Lava Danseproduktioner, Stellaris Danseteater, Nordland Teater, Beaivass Samiteater and Katma Produksjoner. She is a co-founder of InTuit Dansekompani and choreographed «The Games We Play», the first full evening performance in Norway combining dance and parkour.