Renae Shadler is a choreographer, performer and researcher based in Berlin. As founder of RENAE SHADLER & COLLABORATORS, a project-based collective creating multidisciplinary performances with touring artists and non-professional participants, she has created work for theatres, train stations and city squares. Since 2015 she has been developing her ‘world-ing’ choreographic practice which is anchored in post humanist discourse and explores the reciprocal process of how we are both shaping and being shaped by our environment. Her original works weave together detailed physicality, voice and the larger dramatic gesture with warmth and sensitivity. 

Roland Walter was born in Magdeburg (Germany) in 1963. He works as a performer, model, photographer and writer with one special feature: he has full-body paralysis. Walter lives with full-time assistance in Berlin. As a performer he experiments with his body, showing the audience a change of perspective. By expressing his thoughts through art he shares his message with the world: Nothing is impossible. No matter who you are, life is a gift which should be embraced.