Dancer/choreographer Milena Ugren Koulas and musician George Koulas have been collaborating for last 9 years. Both of them graduated from Codarts Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They have presented their work in different venues in Cyprus and abroad in Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Germany, France. In 2007 the piece While Walking received a prize from New Europe Festival in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2012, Ugren’s choreography House of Heaven II was nominated to appear at the International Choreographic Competition in Hanover and No-Ballet in Ludwigshaven, Germany.

Manlike is a full evening choreographic work continues Milena Ugren Koulas’ choreographic research, which explores the narrative of Balkan sworn virgins in an abstract manner. Exploring gender, Ugren employs ideas of androgyny, as a methodology for feminist inquiry of ancient rituals of women who played with oppressive patriarchal modes as a survival strategy. This work is a continuation of her previous work she who stays, which was based on a synergetic relationship between the choreographer and musician influencing each other’s physical and sound actions. Ugren’s choreographic and movement style is instantly recognisable. This is supported and juxtaposed by Giorgos Koulas’ circular style of percussion, which he performs with his voice.