Jenna Hendry and Matilda Bilberg are two young artists who share an interest in the phenomenon of touch in the context of dance. Striving for authenticity and equality between non-performance and performance, both are fascinated by the potential of communication through the physical body.

They have been collaborating since 2017 but I U M I is the first dance piece they have presented together. Premiered in 2019 at Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zürich, the piece has toured in Warsaw (PL), Schaffhausen (CH), Västerås (SE) and Lucerne (CH).

At the moment they are working on their next production: 2Squared (working title), which is a collaboration with artists Nerea Gurrutxaga and Maria Teresa Tanzarella. The piece is co-produced by Tanzhaus Zurich and will premiere in October 2021. They are now looking for potential further partners.

Born in Zürich (Switzerland), Jenna Hendry studied dance at Steps on Broadway in New York City and at Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Rotterdam. Since 2015, she has been working as a freelance dancer collaborating with choreographers and companies such as bollwerk, Philipp Egli, Irina Lorez & Co, compagnie o., OONA project, Natalie Wagner and Damotus!. She also spent a season dancing for VA Wölfl/Neuer Tanz in Düsseldorf (Germany). Jenna, who also creates her own work, premiered her short piece Mmmh?! at Inkubator –a grant project for short pieces– and the piece was selected for Tanzfaktor 2020, a Swiss national tour organized by Reso for five promising up-and-coming artists. In addition, Mmmh?! was selected for Aerowave’s 40 Winks 2020.

Born in Västerås (Sweden), Matilda Bilberg is now based in Stockholm. She studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and at Stockholm Uniarts. She has worked as a freelance dancer since 2013 and has collaborated with Live art collective MELO, Satoshi Kudo, Linda Forsman, Helena Davidsson Nordelius, Tove Skeidsvoll and Julia Kraus Dybeck, among others. Alongside her work as a performer, Matilda also creates her own work and collaborates with the artist ionnalee on audiovisuals and with the live concerts ‘Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten’ (2017/2018). In addition, together with the composer Torbjörn Grass she made the piece Spår Av Tid (2015) for Västmanlandsmusiken, as well as the site specific installation Karmansbo (2019).