Award-winning dancer and choreographer Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir has danced her whole life. She started performing in her living room at the age of four and was a full time member of Iceland Dance Company for sixteen years. Lovísa toured all over the world with the company, as well as with other independent dance groups, constantly performing and creating and working with a wide range of wonderful artists. Five years ago, at the age of forty, she suffered an injury that forced her to reconsider her relationship with dance, the body, and her artistic practice.

This process, along with the vivid feeling of an ageing body, opened her eyes to the silence around menopause and her own lack of knowledge on the subject. She began researching and interviewing menopausal women in her local community. This led her to a masters degree in Performance Practice at Iceland ́s University of the Arts where she further developed her artistic practice. There Lovísa conducted research that revolved around ageing, connecting to the body ́s deeply embedded knowledge, history, and experience, and to the big tab: menopause. She posted an open invitation online, inviting menopausal women to join the project and before she knew it, she was working with a group of amazing, middle aged women from  Iceland. Out of this research her stage piece When the Bleeding Stops was born. She now works as an independent choreographer and a stage artist in Iceland and has created works for Iceland Dance Company, Reykjavík Dance Festival and Reykjavík City Theatre to name but a few. Lovísa has received awards and nominations for her work both as a choreographer and a dancer. This year, her newest creation, When the Bleeding Stops, was nominated as “the Most innovative performance of the year” at the Icelandic Theatre Awards.