Laura Pietiläinen is a freelance choreographer and dancer. She holds a Master’s degree in Choreography from  the Theater Academy of the University of Arts in Helsinki. Since 2008, she has created 80 artistic pieces, presented in Finland and abroad. Pietiläinen is known in the field of contemporary dance for her vision and exceptionally independent voice. In addition to stage works, Pietiläinen also dances and choreographs for music videos, video artists works and fashion shows.

The power character of Laura’s soul Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything was born in 2016,  through which she started to make her art. In 2020 the name changed to Laura – The Light of All, because Laura is now ready to shine through her full existence. Connected to the light of her soul, Laura is in touch with liberating, transforming, moving and powerful energies of the universe, under the influence of which she creates her dance and choreography. 

Paula Tuovinen has worked extensively in the Finnish dance-art field as a dancer, choreographer and teacher since the early 1980s. Tuovinen is currently the Director of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. 

Laura Pietiläinen and Paula Tuovinen are members of Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes, a collective of approximately ten dancers who perform freely in various configurations. In Blondes, the performers are Joonas Lampi, Elina Hauta-aho, Linda Priha and Elisa Tuovila. In their earlier productions JUST Queens (2013) and Divine (2015), Hot Tubes explored femininity and gender from various perspectives: the personal, the risky, the weird and the familiar.