Laura Dannequin is a French-born performer / choreographer / maker currently based in Bristol, UK. As a performer she has worked with a wide range of companies including Saburo Teshigawara & Karas (Kazahana), Daghdha Dance Company (2006-2010), Deborah Hay (SPCP), Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre (The Rite of Spring) and Action Hero (Hoke’s Bluff).

As a maker/choreographer she is interested in making work that is present, live and raw and explores bodily being in the world: the dancing body, the social body, the diseased and medicated body, and she makes both installation and performance work. Works include Dance Dark DanceThe Secret Slowness of MovementIn The MakingLand and Hardy Animal.

She works in close collaboration with Dan Canham and is associate director at Still House (30 Cecil StreetOurs was the Fen CountryOf Riders and Running Horses) and enjoys working as a creative and choreographic advisor with a growing number of artists.