Prague based choreographer and performer Jazmína Piktorová was born in Slovakia. She graduated from the Physical Theatre Department under the leadership of choreographer and philosopher Pierre Nadaud and circus artist and clown Daniel Gulko. She creates her own works as part of ZDRUHESTRANY collective, which she co-founded together with Viktor Černický and Tomáš Janypka. Interested in the intersection of movement education and creating for young audiences, she engages in long-term research into subjects that challenge both her and the audience. Her latest piece Microworlds received the 2023 Czech Dance Platform Award and the  Audience Award, as well as a nomination for the Thalia Awards. She brings movement and creativity to schools as a lecturer of the art-educational project Dance for Schools produced by Tanec Praha.

Sabina Bočková is a choreographer and dancer based in Prague. After her studies in ballet and modern dance and three years of experience in dance companies, she decided to work as a freelance artist. Since 2019 she has created her own work together with Johana Pocková in POCKETART collective. Her works The Lion’s Den and Treatment of Remembering were part of Aerowaves Twenty20 and Twenty21, and the Czech Dance Platform. The Lion’s Den took part in Shape It, a project for young audiences. Her newest project Fairy Tales is part of the Big Pulse Dance Alliance which elevates artists to a larger scale. Alongside her own work she is a long term collaborator with independent groups Tantehorse, tYhle, Cirk La Putyka and others. Fascinated by simple body language, she transforms movement through choreographic structures while at the same time addressing topics and themes that echo social and cultural issues.