Adrienn Hód is a choreographer and teacher known for her radical approach to bodies, space, experimental music and the interrelation of these – including the audience. During her education she acquired a wide array of movement styles and theatrical approaches that allow her to focus her attention on her dancers and the deconstruction/reconstruction of their proper movements. Her works are based on improvisation and she concentrates on the human body taken out of its cultural context.

Her creations seek to delve into what is ‘really’ going on in her dancers and to connect that very thing with the audience, often filled with playfulness and self-reflecting humour. She likes staging her works in spaces with minimal stage design. As she puts it: “Minimalism to the core. To me, bodies and voices will fill any space. Pure nothingness pulls me in. The void carries the inspiration to which my soul responds.”

Three of her choreographies Basse danse (2012), Dawn (2014), and Conditions of Being a Mortal (2015), have been selected by Aerowaves. Hód has been awarded the Rudolf Laban Prize twice, with Basse danse in 2012 and Dawn in 2014.