Gergő D. Farkas (1996, they/them) is a choreographer, dancer, clubber, and bartender currently based in Budapest, Hungary. They hold a BA from the Amsterdam University of the Arts’ Contemporary Dance Department (MTD) where they graduated in 2020.  

Farkas’ desire to choose choreography (again and again) is based on their attempt to challenge it by exploring new modes of relation of this discipline’s conservative and obsolete concept.  Farkas is currently engaged in movement-based research on extended bodies and the unoriginal. They strive to confront the “magic of theatre” through attempting to redefine the artist’s responsibility in a technologically accelerated world, an era in which nothing is that real anymore: What is the purpose of our staged illusions? Is it illusions we need? 

In the season 19/20, they worked as an intern for the Stockholm-based company Cullberg..  In August 2020, they contracted Hepatitis A from a pack of frozen raspberries that was imported from Hungary to Sweden. Thus, they spent a week at Danderyd Hospital where they felt they had some unfinished business in Hungary. Then, they moved back to Budapest, started working at a bar and began the preparations of Deep Fake.  

In the year 2021, they created Deep Fake and the website in close collaboration with media artist Endre Cserna and composer Márton Csernovszky. In the same year, they received the DanceWEB Scholarship under the mentorship of Frederic Gies and Anne Juren, and joined the team of OMOH – Budapest’s queer house and techno collective.  

Under the OMOH-umbrella, Farkas started organising an LGBTQ+ inclusive movement workshop series based on the gentle appropriation of sports and movement styles predominantly practiced in heteronormative environments. Their Hungarian folk dance class generated a short but intense period of infamy from the far right media.  

Although the Deep Fake crew has already started the preparations of their next project, their work didn’t receive the expected financial support in Hungary. Therefore, they are currently seeking foreign opportunities to find financial as well as infrastructure support in order to realise their new creation in 2022.