Dancer, teacher and choreographer, Emese Cuhorka graduated from the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2011. She has worked with Adrienn Hód since 2007 and has been a member of Hodworks since 2009. 

Interested in experimenting with forms and performance formats,  Cuhorka collaborates with theater companies such as TÁP Színház, Dollár Papa Gyermekei and she regularly teaches contemporary dance and improvisation for amateurs and professionals. She has worked on movement research with László Fülop for more than ten years and together with Csaba Molnár she develops artistic recontextualisation of subcultures.

As a performer and co-creator, Emese Cuhorka has participated in six works which have received the Rudolf Lábán Award in Hungary. The production Sea Lavender in collaboration with The Symptoms Company won the Special Prize of the Hungarian Theatre Critics Awards 2016. The documentary about the rehearsals of this piece, titled The Euphoria of Being won the main prize of the Locarno Film festival and the Human Rights prize of the Sarajevo Film festival. Emese has danced in Hodworks pieces which have been selected by Aerowaves and she also co-choreographed and performed Your mother at my door by Timothy and the Things, another work selected by Aerowaves. 

Dancer and choreographer, Csaba Molnár strives for reconciling radical extremes. His main interest is to explore how different ways of expression, when juxtaposed, may transform the most private phenomena of human life into a universal and liberating theatrical experience.

He began his professional training at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, and completed his dance education with a two year programme at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels. Soon afterwards he joined the Italian dance company Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, and in 2010 became a member of the Hungarian company Hodworks.

Molnár has worked as a co-creator of Bloom!, a collective of five (City, Tame Game, The End is Near), and later on pursued a similar creative collaboration with the group Dányi-Molnár-Vadas (Skin Me). As an artist in residence he worked with the students of the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy (Merriment) and created a piece for the EN-KNAP Group (68). He participated in ‘HOM’ at TanzMainz. 

His own choreographic works include KITTY2012, Decameron and The ox. Together with dancer and choreographer Marcio Kerber Canabarro he started the artistic project Sildenafil Fairy with which they have presented Tropical escape, EYE Candy and Winter Journey. Csaba Molnár is co-creator of eight pieces that received the annual Rudolf Lábán Award for the best Hungarian contemporary dance performance of the season, and he has performed and co-created six pieces which have been selected by Aerowaves.