Edhem Jesenković – dancer/composer/choreographer – was born at Gradska Bolnica u Rogatici in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1977. He attended The Royal Music Academy in Sarajevo. Edhem migrated to Stockholm in 1996, and  started his career as a dancer at The Royal Swedish Ballet, where he graduated in 1999. He is now based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Edhem has worked with many different projects, companies and choreographers such as Danish Dance Theatre, Carte Blanche, Galili Dance Company, Ballet Gulbenkian, Ohad Naharin, Philippe Blanchard, Andersson Dance, Skånes Dansteater, Granhøj Dans, Zero Visibility, Kitt Johnson X-act, among others.

As both a choreographer and musician, Edhem Jesenković works intensely with rhythm, musicality and an insisting kind of humanism. He works physically with the performers revealing the inner layers of their personalities. He challenges them to push the borders within themselves. Through this method, the movement and mental conditions create an honest physical approach towards the theme of every creation.