Deyan Georgiev is an actor, dancer, and choreographer. He graduated from NATFA  in 2015, majoring in Drama Theatre. 

During his studies, he became part of The Bulgarian Army Theater’s troupe for two years. His first choreograpic work was in Salome in collaboration with the director Diana Dobreva, which led to the creation of choreography in  Odyssey (Plovdiv European Capital of Culture), The Unknown Child ( Sofia Puppet Theatre), The Son (National Theatre),  The Bell (Ancient Theatre Plovdiv), The Invisible Cities (Sofia Botanic garden), We are death star (MOVE), Clean (Sofia Musical Theatre), Love in Reverse (Toplocentrala), and his last solo work, Wired selected as one of the Aerowaves Twenty23.

Besides his experience as an actor in film and theatre, Georgiev participates in many independent projects as a performer and collaborator, including with the choreographer Stefanya Georgieva from ATOM Theater, where he explores dance on film and the site-specific direction in the performing arts. Since 2017, Deyan has been a freelance artist, participating in various training programmes, residencies, and festivals in South Korea, Austria, France, Egypt, Germany, and Sofia. His interest in costume, set design, and visual arts led to the digital comic Waste Man, a story about humanity’s collective subconscious hidden in our trash. He perceives  dance as an intimate place, a tool for increasing empathy, healing, and self-preservation.

In 2020, he won the jury award in the competition for contemporary choreography Margarita Arnaudova with the performance Clean, later nominated for ICAR 2021 in the category Contemporary Dance and Performance.

Deyan is one of the founders of OPIA, a sci-art organisation, which brings together artists who combine science and art in exhibitions and performances  In 2021, he was chosen in the ‘30 under 30 selection’ of Forbes magazine in the category Culture, Art, and Media.