Christian Ubl
Christian Ubl was born in Austria in Vienna. He approaches dance through a very eclectic background, including figure skating and competitive Latin dances. From 2000, he performed in Michel Kelemenis plays. He danced for Dominique Bagouet, Christiane Blaise, Daniel Dobbels and Delphine Gaud. From 2003, he danced with Thomas Lebrun, along with Compagnie Linga in Lausanne and Dance Theatre of Ireland in Dublin.

Christian founded CUBe in 2005 and created the choreographies: May you live in interesting Times (2005), ErsatZtrip (2006), Klap! Klap! (2008), Fever (2009), Black Soul & White Space (2010-2012), I’m from Austria like Wolfi! (2010), and La Semeuse (2011). In 2010, Christian began a new artistic collaboration with David Wampach for CassetteSacre and Tour and joined Thomas Lebrun again for La Jeune Fille et la Mort.

In 2014, at the Pavillon Noir, he created Shake it Out for five dancers and two musicians. Christian began a new collaboration as a performer with Toméo Verges for 2014/15 season and created HOW MUCH in Cairo and Alexandria in April 2015, along with the performance WAOUHHHHH! and A U in October 2015.

Kylie Walters
Kylie Walters is a performance maker. She is the artistic director of the company ORNITHORYNQUE based in Switzerland. Australian-born but established in Europe for 20 years, the work of Kylie Walters embraces theatre, dance and music, producing concerts, live performances and films. She is the author / choreographer of 10 productions: Sweet Hypochondria (2005), Travel on the Cheap (2006), Hollywood Angst (2009), Mutant Slappers & The Planet Bang (2012), Not Even Wrong (2014) and the creations; The Chinaski Sessions (2012), Hurricane (2014) with Serge Teyssot-Gay, Kabaret Galaktika (2011) for Antigel Festival in Geneva, The Greenhouse Infect (2000) and Kylie & Mikel (1998).

Kylie is a choreographer and directorial assistant for theatre, performs in films and television, and is also a renowned stage performer, collaborating with artists such as Tim Etchells (Forced Entertainment – GB), Wim Vandekeybus (Ultima Vez – BE), Davis Freeman (Random Scream – BE), Lloyd Newson (DV8 – GB), Nicole Seiler (CH), Shelley Lasica (AU), and Nasser Martin-Gousset (FR) among others.

Kylie studied at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia and is currently pursuing an M.Sc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine at University of London.