Alexandros Stavropoulos (Patras, Greece, 1991) studied and graduated from the State School of Dance in Athens in 2014. As a dancer he has worked with choreographers such us Russell Maliphant, Jasmin Vardimon, Koen Augustignen, Rosalba Guerrero, Hannes Langolf, Andonis Foniadakis, Ermira Gkoro, Alexis Vasiliou, Fotis Nikolaou and others.   

Cinderella’s (2020) is Alexandros Stavropoulos’ first choreographic work. Interested in music architecture, musicality is his basic tool to create movement. Stavropoulos is aiming to blend the simplicity and geometric abstractions of Minimalism with Walt Disney’s World, an unfamiliar combination but one which he strongly believes will bear fruit.