Aina Alegre is a Catalan dancer, performer and choreographer based in Paris. She is  interested in choreographic creation  to”re-imagine” the body. She explores different cultures and body practises as social, historical and anthropological representations.

Fiction as a genre, and cultural practice also feeds her work. She thinks of the body in fictional environments and works around notions such as hybridisation, plasticity of movement, the state of presence and the experience of time in order to generate bodies of images, ideas and concepts. She thus articulates choreographic objects constructed from different media: pieces for the stage, performances, videos.

Long text: After a multidisciplinary training in dance, theatre and music in Barcelona, Aina Alegre joined the CNDC in Angers (France) in 2007. In 2011 she created the performance La maja desnuda dice, which led to the creation of the piece No se trata de un desnudo mitológico (2012). Subsequently she created Delices (2015), Le jour de la bête (2017), and La nuit, nos autres (2019). In 2020 she created the piece Concrerto in collaboration with David Wampach and the solo R-A-U-X-A.

In parallel to her stage projects, she set up the research and performance project ETUDES  through which she meets people and discovers territories where there are dances based on or with hammering/knocking.

Her work has been presented in different countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Peru and Romania. As a performer, Alegre has collaborated with Alban Richard, Fabrice Lambert, David Wampach, Vincent Thomasset, Betty Tchomanga and Vincent Macaigne, among others.