Spring Forward

‘Wreck - List of extinct species’ - INSIEMI IRREALI, Pietro Marullo, Belgium

Spring Forward / Azaryan Theatre
Sunday 25 March, 2018 | 12pm–12:40pm

WRECK - List of extinct species

‘Wreck - List of extinct species’ - INSIEMI IRREALI, Pietro Marullo, Belgium

A huge floating sculpture moves in the space like a hunter. As it gently swallows and spits humain beings, our imagination wanders. Is this a modern Leviathan, an image of humanity itself or the shadow of an upcoming catastrophe? Described as an "elastic performance", WRECK can be shown indoor or outdoor and adapted to space-specific conditions.

Director and Choreographer | Pietro Marullo
Sound Designer | Jean-Noel Boisse
Light Designer | Julie Petite Etienne
Soft Sculpture and Costumes | Pietro Marullo & Bertrand Nodet
With | Helena Arraju, Adrien Desbon, Noemi Knecht, Paola Madrid, Anais Van Eycken, Paola di Bella
production | Insiemi Irreali Company

Co-production and supported by Festival Internazionale Danza Oriente Occidente, Rovereto -Italy, Théâtre Varia, La COOP asbl. And with the financial help of  the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service du Théâtre, de la Commission communautaire française, of the Wallonie-Bruxelles International the Tax Shelter of Fédéral Belgian Gouvernement, the Ramdam art centre in France, the CDC La Briqueterie de Paris -France, TanzHaus of Zurich -Switzerland

Aerowaves artist profile: Pietro Marullo - Insiemi Irreali Company — WRECK - List of extinct species