Spring Forward

Programme A & B

Vozdukh Dance Company

DEPO (large)
Friday 22 April, 2016 | 5:30pm–6:10pm


AllThatICanBe is a piece about the search for the true and whole I. What does it mean to belong to yourself, to control yourself and to be yourself? It seems as a simple state but people hardly stay in it. We disintegrate. Suppressed fear, anger and despondency enslave us more and more. We are looking for truth, meaning, we trust our obsessive thoughts but feelings and sensations. But maybe to know the truth it is worth a try to abandon the knowledge. And then, perhaps, there will be nothing more powerful and creative than emptiness which we are trying to fill...

Choreography: Oleg Stepanov & Alexey Torgunakov (mover|evermore creative duet)

Dance: Vozdukh dance company (Julia Blokhina, Ksenia Burmistrova, Liubov Perova)

Light design: Oleg Stepanov, Igor Fomin

Music: Dag Rosenqvist & Rutger Zuyderlvelt, Evgeniy Fomin, Oleg Stepanov

Performance length: 35 min

Premiere: August 30, 2014, “Odin theatre” (Krasnodar, Russia)