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performed by Ima Iduozee

The Watch of a Lighthouse

On the blank page of the dance floor a man is sitting like a question mark. The dark face of the dancer is focused and absent at the same time. So is his hard/soft dance, composed from hip-hop vocabulary and seamless contemporary dance language.

The dancer is transforming stone into water. Is it Africa obliging Europe or is it rather Europe having been subjugated by Africa? The dancer’s body is so plastic yet so taciturn. What does he want? To demonstrate amazing craftsmanship? Why after all, is that not enough? Or does he want to display a curious amalgam of dance cultures? Or does the body hide an inner conflict and what could it be?
At the divide of the land and sea, does the Watch of a Lighthouse express his solitude? His pride? Or his contempt? He is observing us, it seems, with slight scorn…

If we can switch of the “why” button that resonates in our head and submerge in the flow of moving body, we could say it's beautiful. But is that enough? Ima Iduozee, dressed in grey, under scattered foggy light across empty stage, definitely shows potent physical articulation with great poise. Elegance of mild and undulating movements coincides with strength of torso, drawing all sorts of curving and circular lines. Liquidly paving the way through space, Iduozee shadows the efforts of a body that almost never leaves the ground. Sometimes he's going against the gravity and fluidity, peeling himself from the floor or coming to a halt, but without touch of resistance. We can easily recognize body with affluent corpus of knowledge and its awareness, unique way of merging strength of urban style movements and tenderness of long-limbed floating in the air, presenting organic balance as butterfly stopping for nectar from time to time. But it all seems only as a “moving body” issue. The piece doesn’t communicate some other initial interest or private passion to know what is it that dancer wants to share with spectators (besides indifferent observing his dancing language) or what is the proposition of this short dance that wants to be a dance piece.  

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Sofia, Bulgaria

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