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Watch Spring Forward 2017 trailer

Spring Forward Trailer 2017 

Only 3 months to go to Spring Forward in Aarhus! To keep you waiting and excited, we thought we'd share with you the festival brand new trailer featuring a terrific mix of our Twenty17 Artists.

Watch it, share it and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Vide: Christoffer Brekne  

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Origami / Compagnie Furinkaï

Bassano del Grappa / Italia

ohne nix

ohne nix / Luke Baio & Dominik Grünbühel

Operaestate Festival Veneto, Bassano, Italy

Hope Hunt

Hope Hunt / Oona Doherty

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Vocazione all’Asimmetria

Vocazione all’Asimmetria / Francesca Foscarini

Bassano del Grappa, Italy


Adorabilis / Jonas&Lander