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Top Tips for better digital communications - a quick guide for dance marketing

We're happy to share this collection of Top Tips for digital communications for contemporary dance - gathered from the hive-mind of the Aerowaves Marketing Managers.

They met during the recent Annual Partner meeting at La Briqueterie - and so, while the Aerowaves Partners were busy discussing dance videos and artists, the group of 13 Marketing and Communications managers spent two days discussing audience development, best practice in promoting emerging artists and digital communications.

This 'Top Tips' guide is intended to give useful pointers and ask some vital questions to help dance organisations get the best impact from the digital communications tools they use. It's not an exhaustive list - but we've provided links to further resources in each section.

Since most of the dance houses, theatres and festivals in the Aerowaves network are managed by small teams, we purposely focused on collecting tips based on the knowledge and experience of the group -- the challenges they've faced and the smart ideas they've put in place to make digital marketing work for them.

Grab a cup of coffee and have a read of our Top Tips for Digital Communications here.