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In defence of international dance in Performance Magazine Online

Between 1979-1992 Performance Magazine documented an extraordinary period in the development of art in the UK.

With its maverick and punk ethos Performance Magazine embodied an immensely active community of artists, writers (including our very own John Ashford!) and publics that crossed disciplines throughout the late 70s, 80s and the start of the 90s.

Rob La Frenais (founding editor 1979 – 1987) has collaborated with Live Art Development Agency (LADA) to develop the newly digitised issues of Performance Magazine Online.

If you fancy some time-travel, delve into John Ashford's early articles in defence of international dance:

- The Power of Effective Marketing: two views of Jan Fabre at the Royal Albert Hall by Colin Watkeys, John Ashford (Article) / Issue 41 May/June 1986

- What's wrong with the National Critics? A history lesson by John Ashford (Article) / Issue 40 Mar/Apr 1986

- Dance Fightback by John Ashford (Article)  / Issue 38/39 Dec-Feb 1986

- La Gaia Scienza: John Ashford strips away the metaphors by John Ashford (Article) / Issue 35 June/July 1985

- Mad Dogs and Englishmen: A Curious Tale at the ICA by John Ashford, Neil Butler (Article) / Issue 31 Sept/Oct 1984

- Nuova Spettacolorita!: Italian Performance by John Ashford (Article) / Issue 19 Oct/Nov 1982

- Letter From Japan: Japanese theatre by John Ashford (Article) / Issue 14 Nov/Dec 1981